Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Simplified version of the popular software includes tools for editing photos and creating albums and slideshows

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a piece of digital image editing software with many of the same basic functions as Adobe Photoshop, the benchmark photo editing app of the industry.

The main difference between Lightroom and the full version of Photoshop is that Lightroom doesn't contain the tools within Photoshop that are related to drawing or the direct creation of additional image content. Instead, the software focuses on the actual editing of photos via tools that both enhance and correct images efficiently and quickly. Lightroom features a number of stunning filters, and you can mark photos with tags and geolocation information.

There are a number of basic yet critical edits you can make to your photos with this software. You can adjust exposure levels and color balance, and you can analyze images for appropriate ratios. There's a built-in autocorrection feature, and you can straighten photos that came out crooked. You can change the calibration of the image, and you can add meta-information to them like digital labels. Of course, the software is compatible with just about any digital image file type.

To help you better organize your photos, Lightroom features a simple tool for cultivating presentations of your photos, and you can use the tool to create personalized photo albums or books to be printed or shared through the internet.

Thanks to the direct integration with both Flickr and Facebook, you can post images directly to those networks from inside Lightroom after you've made your changes. The process is as simple as dragging a photo you want to upload to the appropriate network logo within the app.

Lightroom has the power to find photos on your synced mobile device, DSLR camera, or other digital image source. It can edit those photos directly inside their original location, so if you make changes on your PC, they will appear on your mobile device. You'll have no trouble using these tools since they are common yet exceptionally powerful.

There are few examples of premium image editing software with the right balance of powerful tools and simplicity. Lightroom is the ideal digital solution for your simple photo editing needs, and many of the features are automated so you only have to select that you want them applied to a photo. The design and creation tools from the full version of Photoshop won't be missed by those who just want raw image editing power.

In the newest version of Lightroom, the software has been optimized to take full advantage of the graphics card in your system. This not only improves the performance of the app, but it will lighten the load on your system, thus allowing the entire machine to work smoother. Facial recognition software has been added, and it can be set to find faces automatically. There are also new features to help with editing special photos like HDRs and panoramas. Finally, the latest version adds several new file types to the list of compatible formats.


  • Multiple Format Support
  • Plugin Functionality
  • Facebook/Flickr Integration
  • Numerous Settings
  • Beginner Accessible


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • System Resource Heavy

Most people familiar with digital photography are well aware of the highly popular Adobe Photoshop software program that is the industry standard for digital photo processing and enhancing. A smaller and more affordable program, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, is similar but does not bear the burdensome cost or licensing requirements of its popular and costly big brother.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 program is available for free download on a trial basis with a permanent version plus free upgrades available for a monthly fee after the trial period expires. Lightroom 5 is a more consumer-friendly version of the industry-standard Adobe Photoshop program used by nearly all professional photographers and media. Lightroom 5 provides many of the same editing tools as Photoshop and can be RAM-intensive. The more RAM, the happier the program will be when running.

Lightroom 5 offers a new interface for users and breaks up the program into seven basic areas. Users can take advantage of a library feature, create books and maps, put together a slideshow and make photos ready for the Web. Developing and printing areas also are available for editing photos and preparing them for print or online media. A large monitor helps when using Lightroom 5, which provides a lot of information on its home screen and works best with larger screens.

For most people, Lightroom 5 will suit virtually all of their digital photo-processing needs. Those familiar with Photoshop should find it easy to navigate and use. New users can utilize free tutorials to help get them started and to maximize their potential use of the potent photo software. Once mastered, Lightroom 5 gives users the tools they need to edit and prepare their digital photos for virtually any use. Whether using for professional purposes or personal interest, the software program is very versatile and handy.

One of the great advantages of Lightroom 5 is its mobility. It can be used on laptop computers, desktop computers and iPads. While iPad screens are generally small for the program, the ability to download them while on the go creates even more storage space for more photos. If any media cards are getting near full, the files can be downloaded and edited using iPads and free up the memory space on the camera's memory cards.

The versatility of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 for Windows 8 users makes it one of the most popular downloads for photo-editing software. Learning to use it is fairly easy for first-timers and a breeze for Photoshop veterans.


  • Full photo management capability
  • Lots of great editing tools
  • Many ways to publish photos
  • Designed for professionals
  • Affordable photo-editing software
  • Compatible with iPad


  • Confusing interface for first-time users
  • Requires a lot of RAM for faster processing
  • Intended for use with other Adobe Software
  • Large screen needed for best results
  • Monthly subscription fee

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